Steering & Suspension

There are times when you know your wheel alignment is off. Maybe your vehicle pulls to one side of the road. Perhaps your steering wheel is not straight up and down when your hands are positioned at 10 and 2. Or your tires might squeal when you’re turning. Then again, sometimes a wheel alignment problem is so subtle you can’t even feel it. Come see us for an alignment. Together, we’ll make your car endure – for the long haul. And with night and weekend hours at most stores, keeping your car keeping on has never been easier – or more convenient.

Worn steering, suspension and drive-line components can cause noise, vibration, premature tire wear and misalignment. That’s why we perform a complete steering and suspension system inspection with every alignment. By replacing worn parts, you regain steering control and handling, which will return your vehicle to its original operating performance.

Symptoms or not, misalignment can damage your tires and even prematurely wear them out. At Firestone Complete Auto Care, we can verify the condition of your vehicle’s steering and suspension components and set your alignment angles to manufacturer’s specifications to keep you driving right.