Air Conditioning/Heater Repair

airNo one helps you keep your cool like Rolison’s Firestone. Whether it’s routine maintenance or something more, Rolison’s will make sure you’re riding in comfort mile after mile.

At Rolison’s we use state-of-the-art equipment when diagnosing air conditioning or heater issues.  Don’t let the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter keep you from riding in comfort.  Call us today to schedule a diagnostic or repair.


A/C & Heating/Cooling System Symptoms & Warning Signs
  • A/C system doesn’t cool vehicle to set temperature
  • Fan/blower does not work when set in A/C mode
  • Fan/blower is louder than usual
  • Some or all of the dash controls do not work
  • Heater, top and side vents, or defroster do not work
  • A/C or engine makes loud noises when the heat or A/C is turned on
  • Vehicle stalls or idles roughly when A/C is turned on
  • Vehicle runs hot or overheats when A/C is on
  • There is water on the car’s floor
  • Electric engine cooling fan quickly cycles on and off
  • Unusual odors come from interior vents
  • A/C unit has not been serviced regularly
  • Windows fog when defroster is turned on