Brake Service

brakes_iconYou press down on the accelerator pedal. Your car goes. But what happens when you apply the brakes? Does it stop straight and confidently, when and where you want it to? Can you depend on your brakes, or do you have brake problems? It’s inevitable: if you keep your vehicle long enough, you’ll need brake repair. Rolson’s Firestone experts can diagnose your brake problems, and they’ll explain options for brake repairs – ones that make sense for your vehicle and budget. And we’ll do it when it’s convenient for you. That includes nights and weekends at most stores. It’s about helping your car endure – because we’re a car company, and it’s what we do.

Brake System Warning Signs
  • Brake or ABS warning light comes on
  • Brakes grind with continuous loud metallic noise
  • Brakes grab, causing jerky stops
  • Your car pulls to one side when braking
  • Brake pedal is either mushy or very hard to depress
  • Brakes must be pumped to work properly
  • Wheel(s) are excessively hot after short drives
  • Brake fluid leaks are seen around any wheel or in engine compartment, near master cylinder
  • Brake fluid very low or very dirty looking
  • Brakes are smoking