Radiator Service

Your engine’s moving parts create some serious friction as you drive. And serious friction generates serious heat. Your car’s cooling system pumps coolant (a mix of water and antifreeze) through the engine chambers to absorb excess heat. And your radiator removes that excess heat, so that the coolant can keep circulating. This process keeps temperatures at safe levels, and it protects your engine from damage. A well-maintained cooling system is key to keeping your car running newer, stronger and longer.

Keeping your car cool under the hood may involve a radiator fluid exchange, a simple part replacement or more complex repairs. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend antifreeze replacement at set mileage or time intervals. When you bring your car to Rolison’s Firestone, our technicians thoroughly inspect its cooling system to determine what work or service is recommended.

Unlike service shops that just do a “drain-and-fill,” Rolison’s Firestone provides a radiator fluid exchange service that includes the following:

  • System inspection and pressure test for leaks
  • Addition of flush chemicals to the radiator
  • Machine power flush
  • Appropriate antifreeze/coolant refill
  • Addition of sealant/lubricant
  • 12-month/12,000-mile limited warranty*

If our service technicians recommend a repair or part replacement, they’ll explain the situation to you, and they’ll get your approval before starting any work. They’re looking out for your car and your budget. And they want to keep your car running – long after it has left the new car lot.